It is of upmost importance you learn how to identify pure honey. We at Gotea Limited encourage our customers to take Gotea Herbal Tea with Pure Honey due to the high amount of Vitamins and Minerals Honey contains. However, this is only true in pure honey and a lot of what you find at the grocery store is not pure honey.

A lot of times, what you call pure honey is mixed with high amount of water or glucose solutions. This process is called adulteration of honey and it takes away from the health benefits that you receive from honey. So, how can you tell pure honey from fake honey?

Let’s discuss that today! 🍯


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Three Ways To Identify Pure Honey And Fake Honey


1. Crystallisation of the Honey

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Overtime, all honey will crystallize into something looking like granulated sugar. Take a look at the bottle and see what the honey inside of it looks like. If it is crystallized in the store, this is probably pure honey. If it is liquid, you could keep it for some days to see if it solidifies. Putting it in the refrigerator will speed up that process. If your honey never turns into crystals, then sorry, it is likely that you do not have pure honey on your hands but fake honey.


2. Read the Product Label

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Before you purchase any products not just honey in the market, you should always learn to read labels. Manufacturers who are kind enough would list the actual content/ingredients of their product.

Make sure that the ingredient list of the honey does not contain high-fructose corn syrup or glucose. These are two substances that are usually added to honey that keep it from solidifying. Companies also add this to the honey so that they get more honey out of their batch.




3. Test For Honey

identify pure honey

There are other ways to test and identify pure honey from fake honey:

3(a). Water Test For Honey

Mix a tablespoon of honey with water. If the honey dissolves easily, it is not pure, as pure honey should remain intact when dipped into water.


3(b). Vinegar Test

Mix some honey with water, then add four or five drops of vinegar. If the liquid turns foamy, that is not pure honey. It may have been adulterated with a substance called gypsum added to it.


3(c). Gravity 

Put some honey onto a spoon and hold it up. If the honey falls quickly, then this is not pure honey, probably water has been added to it. Good quality, pure honey, will stay on the spoon or fall slowly.


Pure honey

Pure honey


3(d). Match Test

Dip a match into the honey and try to light it up. Pure honey will light up and burn due to the sugar content. Other low-quality honey that usually contains water will not light up as the water in the honey will prevent it from lighting and burning.


3(e). Bread Test

Dip a piece of stale bread in honey. Leave the bread inside the honey for ten minutes and then pull it out. If the bread is still hard, then you have pure honey. If the bread will be soggy, then the honey has been adulterated with water.


3(f). Iodine Test

You can also use iodine to tell pure honey from fake honey. Just mix honey, water and a few drops of iodine. If the mixture turns blue, then the honey has been adulterated with flour or starch in it.


Immunity Tea

Immunity Tea


Next time you go to the grocery store to buy some Gotea Herbal Tea and honey, do a quick check for the products that has the honey crystals before you buy and go home for further testing to ensure that you have unadulterated pure honey and enjoy all the health benefits that comes with it.




Do you know that pure honey can be tampered with by manufacturer’s to better meet the market demand and increase their income, rather than to meet your health goal? Let us know your thoughts in our comment section.


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Weight Loss Herbal Tea


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