While many people drink this tea for it delicious taste and pleasant aroma, drinking Hibiscus Tea comes with lots of Health benefits probably the reason why it has gained so much popularity in Nigeria and around the world. 

You might be asking questions about Hibiscus;

Is Hibiscus Tea good for me?

What are the health benefits of Hibiscus Tea? 

What quantity of Hibiscus Tea should I take?

How does Hibiscus Tea lower blood pressure?

What are the side effects of Hibiscus Tea?

In this article we would answer most of your questions!


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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea & Side Effects You Should Know 10


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Amazing Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea


1. Fight Free Radicals

Hibiscus plant is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, beta-carotene and anthocycine. Foods rich in antioxidants help fight free radicals within the body.

For those who don’t know what is free radicals, they are harmful molecules in the body that causes damage to healthy cells and contribute to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. While your body uses its own natural antioxidants to fight these free radicals, consumption of foods rich in antioxidants such as Hibiscus Tea, play a major role in fighting these harmful molecules and preventing diseases.


2. Lower Blood Pressure


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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea & Side Effects You Should Know 11


Lots of scientific studies on humans has soon the effect of Hibiscus on blood pressure. These clinical trials has been encouraging as Hibiscus Tea contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to reduce blood pressure significantly.

Hibiscus is used as in ingredient in Gotea Hypertension Tea


3. Support Liver Health

Among the numerous benefits of Hibiscus, it supports and help improvements in liver disease. According to several research, Hibiscus can be beneficial in the condition of liver disorder and help keep the liver healthy.


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Some other clinical trials suggests that the antioxidants present in hibiscus tea can prevent the risk of liver disease. On this basis we can say drinking hibiscus tea can be very beneficial and support the liver health.


4. Aid Weight Loss

Several studies on Hibiscus extract (a more concentrated form than Hibiscus Tea) shows a positive impact on weight loss, which could help prevent obesity.


Weight Loss Herbal Tea
Weight Loss Herbal Tea


Studies show that Hibiscus regulates the amount of sugar and starch in the body, preventing the process of converting starch into sugar by the amylase enzyme, which can help reduce weight.


5. Reduces Cholesterol

Cholesterol are of two types in the body, the High Density Cholesterol (HDL) which is beneficial to the body and the Low Density Cholesterol (LDL) which is considered harmful to the body. Here the benefits of hibiscus tea can be seen, as the antioxidants present in hibiscus tea can help reduce LDL levels.


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Studies suggest that the antioxidants present in Hibiscus can be helpful in lowering the LDL cholesterol which is harmful to the body.


6. Boost the Immune System

Hibiscus Tea contains lots of Vitamin C nutrients which are needed for the normal functioning of the body and development of the White blood cell. White blood cell performs a very crucial role in the body in reducing inflammation.


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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea & Side Effects You Should Know 12


Inflammation plays a role in the development of various illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and lots more. Hibiscus Tea may offer helpful anti inflammatory effect thereby boosting the immune system.


7. Management of Diabetes


Anti Diabetic Tea
8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea & Side Effects You Should Know 13


Scientific studies suggest that hibiscus can help in the management of diabetes. Studies conducted on the ethanol extract of its leaf, shows it has anti-diabetic properties, which can be helpful in the management of diabetes.


8. Relieve Stress & Anxiety

In a therapy to relieve stress and anxiety hibiscus tea can be beneficial. Studies shows that hibiscus has been used since ancient times to relieve stress and anxiety along with many other sleep related problems.


Health benefits of hibiscus tea
8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea & Side Effects You Should Know 14


Side Effects of Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a healthy drink with so much health benefits, however in some cases it can also prove to be harmful. 


1. Low Blood Pressure Patients

People who suffer from low blood pressure are are strongly advised not to consume Hibiscus tea as it tends to lower lower the blood pressure more. Its intake by low blood pressure patients can cause damage to the heart and brain along with the problem of fainting and dizziness.


2. In Pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised not to consume hibiscus tea as it has an emmenagogue (menstrual flow enhancer) effects, which can act to stimulate blood flow to the uterus and pelvic during pregnancy, which can lead to fatal consequences.


3. Hallucinatory Effect

Some people has reported that they feel some kind of intoxication by consuming hibiscus tea.


4. Allergies

Some people may have allergic problems with the consumption of hibiscus tea.


Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea



Consuming hibiscus tea or other herbal teas can be a better option than ordinary tea. Czerwong a researcher on Hibiscus recommend drinking Hibiscus Tea rather than powder or extract.

Next time you find yourself at the tea shop, consider forging your coffee or regular tea for Hibiscus Tea and enjoy all the benefits that comes with Hibiscus. For other health related information, you can read our other articles.

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