This year, I have decided not to take any drugs.
I mean, pharmaceutical drugs.
If I have cough, for example, I will use herbs,
If I am down with malaria, I use herbs,
If I have mensural cramp, definitely herbs.

The truth is that these herbs work PERFECTLY.
I can’t say this enough; You can Cure  EVERYTHING with herbs.

I mean; EVERYTHING, even the infamous Can.cer.

Herbs Roots Bitter Tea

Herbs Roots Bitter Tea

Some big Pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to know this. If we do, they will stop making money off us,
So what do they do? They “manufacture” an ailment and “a cure”.

They don’t just stop there, Nehi. Greed is infinite,
Some use poisonous substances to manufacture our foods, so you eat and get sick.
They know the illness you will have when you eat that particular food, so they make a drug and wait for you, then you take the drug and it cures that illness but creates another.

See, let me explain, stay with me;

They make analgesics for pains, right?
You take them, they cure the pains and damage your liver.
They manufacture poisonous foods that contains harmful sugars that cause diabetes, then they made insulin for diabeties and insulin causes great harm to your kidney.

Pharmaceutical drugs are like the devil’s gift.
He gives you an arm and takes a leg.

This is why they give you the vacc.ine, YET you still get “CO.VEED”, C.OVEED is not enough, now it’s “Omikron”, after omikron, there will be another and another….
An unending circle of sicknesses…

They are gradually turning us into prisoners of their greed.

The world is sick.

Big Pha.rmas create a problem and create a faux solution.

Immunity Tea

Immunity Tea


My Story

In 2020, I had COVID.
The biggest mistake I made was going to the COVEED centre if they could give me their “poison” It was a horrible time for me.

But as luck will have it, I stayed home, and used herbs.

Fam, in a few days, I was healed.
Those herbs HEALED ME.

I remember when a doctor friend called to check up on me.
I told him about my miraculous healing, he asked me to send him the herbs I took.

The good thing is that I didn’t injest those their chemically manufactured drugs into my system and I am going to be intentional about NEVER popping any of those drugs this year, NOT EVEN PARACETAMOL.

Herbs don’t just cure sicknesses, they HEAL YOUR BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT.

There is a Cure for EVERYTHING with herbs.

DTO 3526

Range of Gotea herbal Tea

I used to have crazy mensural cramps
Then I was taking a drug called felvin. It reduces the flow, sometimes, it makes the blood dark red, other times it changes my circle….

Until I discovered herbs.

It’s been over 4 years since I popped pills for mensural cramps.

Now, I don’t have those crazy cramps and my period comes as at when due and flows regularly.

Maybe I will make a post about my mensural cramp journey.

PicsArt 06 25 05.58.42

Little wonder the bible asks; is there no Balm in Gilead??

Is there no more HERBS?

God made the world and saw that it was PERFECT, if he made food for the stomach, he will also make medicine for the body.

Herbs are the best medicine anyone can take.

The body was created in Harmony with herbs by God.

See, it’s like when you have a generator and “Follow come” oil.

The follow come oil will definitely work better because it was TAILOR MADE FOR THAT GENERATOR.

I don’t know if you get me, but God created man and ALL MAN NEEDS TO THRIVE….

Any human manufacturing should be consumed with EXTRA CAUTION!!!!!!

It’s a new year, endeavor to move to a dimension of a higher understanding and awareness of Life and how it works.

Remember! You Can Cure EVERYTHING With HERBS

Nemaste 🙏


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